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Iceage @ Horseshoe Tavern, 19/10/14

These pics still rule, Ally

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pressure release

I have the red W/ yellow prison of my own shirt. Those others are dope.

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  • I’m about to go visit my mom in the hospital. She had surgery on her spine a few weeks ago because of a herniated disk in her lower back and nerve damage but it wasn’t successful. She had to go back in for another surgery two days ago and had a bone fusion on her spine using bone from her pelvis. The doctors say she won’t be able to walk or function the same ever again.
  • I went to the passport office in my city earlier to try to get my passport to go to canada to see my girlfriend who I haven’t seen in three months. I don’t know my biological dad and when I didn’t fill that part out in the application, the person working there said that might cause some problems. Also, I need some documents from when I was legally adopted and had my last name changed when I was 4 or 5 by my stepdad and I have no idea where those would be. Without those papers I can’t get my passport.
  • Not Dead Yet is in 34 days. So barely a month away. If I don’t get my passport within the next 4 weeks, it looks like I won’t be able to go to canada. Which will make it 4 months since I’ve seen Korrie. I’m starting to think that maybe things won’t work out because of things like this. 
  • Almost every single day my car has something go wrong with it. Today, my drivers side window broke and I can’t roll it down. this just happened to the window behind it about a month ago. I don’t have the money to fix this or anything really. 

I don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’m going to solve any of my problems. 

If I was only allowed to watch the Lord Of The Rings movies and nothing else, I would never complain once.

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Damn are yall dead or what

How do I learn to not be such a jealous prick

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Does anyone want to talk about how great Plowing Into The Fields Of Love is

Plowing into the Field of Love
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Springfield’s best.

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Springfield’s best.


rollin my eyes…all the way.back into my skull….and down my body ,til I spit them out my mouth and reinsert them back in 2 my eye sockets so I can roll them again .

I respect anyone that can deal with the weight of a long distance relationship. It weighs a lot heavier on a person than meets the eye, or so it seems in my situation. I always thought I was the person that was collected and laid back in a relationship but put in a totally foreign situation (no pun intended) I find myself out of my element. The fact that I haven’t seen my girlfriend since the end of July is rough. 

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